All That You Need To Know About Plastic Coil Binding

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In the world of binding, you will come across various forms, such as coil binding, wire binding, plastic comb binding, and many more forms. Among the various forms, plastic spiral binding is very popular. If you are interested to learn about this popular form of binding, you will need to go through the rest of the blog.

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Plastic Coil Binding

This form of binding is also known as plastikol binding or spiral binding or plastic spirals and by many other names. This form of binding is very innovative and a fast one. However, this form of binding never became very popular in the UK.

This form of binding excels over the plastic spiral binding or the wire binding method. The reason behind the popularity of the plastikol binding is that they are very durable. Moreover, this form of binding offers high-quality binding. The greater the level of durability and numerous color options makes this kind of binding very popular one.

Better Alternative

Many of you might be well aware of the fact that coil binding like the plastic spiral binding might not be the same as other forms. There are many cheap qualities of binding options available; however, if you are looking for a great alternative, you can opt for plastikol binding.

Understanding This Method

Plastikol binding method dates back to 1960s in the US. Very soon it became popular all over the market. The reason behind the popularity is the use of good plastic instead of the traditional wire bindings. With this binding method, you can bind several pages together or even small books.

When this form of coil binding is used, the pages of the book or documents or business proposals can lay flat. In short, the pages can turn 360 degrees completely. Moreover, with improvements of the materials, the plastic coils can’t be destroyed easily. It can be used for a long period of time.


Advantages of Using Plastikol Binding

If you have made up your mind to use this binding method for minding documents or business proposals or a booklet, you need to go through some of the advantages.

Durability: Another advantage of this binding method is that the plastic coils are highly durable. Even if the coils are stretched or pulled it would get back into shape. This advantage was not present with traditional wire binding.coil binding service

Many colors: Depending on the brand color of company, the plastic materials used for the coil binding can be easily matched.  Most of the binding companies are able to offer the wide range of color options. However, if any client wants they can also get transparent colors.

Children Safe: This form of binding doesn’t create any health hazard. The crimped ends of the coil used in the books make it safe for children.

Long Lasting: The plastic coils used for spiral binding can last for a long time. Unlike the plastic comb binding, the wire won’t brittle after years of use.

This form of coil binding is simply awesome. With this form of binding, one can bind a lot of documents or proposals at a time. The beautiful look of the end product would surely make one get awestruck. Read more info on office supplies industry here!