How to Select the Right Paint and Color for Your Home

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If you want to give your old room a breath of fresh air then you can paint it. Painting a room is also the cheapest method of adding a new touch to the room. If you are planning to sell the house, then you can hire a Toronto painters and paint it to make it look different. It is quite difficult to select the right paint for your house as you will be spoilt with choices. Read more to come across some useful tips while selecting the paint for your house.

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Which Paint Should You Choose?

Paint is available in different types of sheens, either latex or oil. Latex paint is usually preferred because it can be cleaned easily and lasts for a very long period of time. It also becomes more fade resistant and has a better breathing capacity than oil. Latex paint also leads to less blistering of paint. This paint is recommended for the house and the walls by a Toronto painters.

Oil-based paint is perfect for wood moldings and is better than latex paint if you are planning to paint wood. This type of paint takes longer to dry and hence you need to plan more drying time. You can come across numerous brands of oil-based paints in the market and you can make your choice on the basis of your preference. You can take the help of Toronto painters to complete the task on your behalf.

What Sheen Should Be Selected?

If the paint is glossier, then it is easy to clean up. In case, you have small children living with you then there are higher chances of the walls getting stained or greased. If

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you opt for high sheen paint, then you can easily wipe off the grease with a damp sponge. If you are looking for a nice and trimmed look, then you need to opt for high-sheen paint. A skilled Toronto painters will be able to make your walls look outstanding.

You can opt for semi-gloss paints for your bathroom and kitchen because it can be easily washed. The semi-gloss varieties are less shiny and are also comparatively cheaper. You can opt for satin-sheen paint in case you want a smooth finish.

In case, the walls have a lot of imperfections, then you should opt for a matte or flat paint. The disadvantage of using this kind of paint is that it cannot be cleaned easily and accumulates a lot of dirt. This kind of paint is durable and is ideal for the walls for that perfect finish.

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What Color Should Be Selected?

If you are planning to sell your house then you should opt for white colored walls. The buyer will be able to paint the house with his preferred color and the rooms will also appear bright and clean. You should go through the various color brochures before selecting the color in order to get hold of the best. You can also ask the salesperson for some advice regarding the shade which will be ideal for your room. You should keep in mind that different colors give a different feel or look and hire a Toronto painters to do the task for you.